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Working since 1993

Our Maser Technicians have been working with computers since the early 90’s.  As technology grew so did our knowledge to learn as much as we could about Computer Hardware, Software and Networking.  Our Founder Ryan C. Smith worked all over Silicon Valley as one of the top and most sought out technicians.  Companies would want to hire him after one day of contracting, They could tell he is a computer genius.  Ryan’s philosophy is to treat every customer as a best friend.  You will see the difference when working with our company.

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We realize that there are many different Managed Service Providers to choose from.  We actually embrace our local competitors and meet with them.  We work with them because we know that there is enough business to go around for everyone. We can all learn from each other so we have fun meeting and going to coffee and talking about our industry and customers.

The most important thing in our life is you and your company.  We do our absolute 100% best to offer superior customer service and make sure your systems are protected, up and running, and hassle free.


Our Technicians have years of experience in the area that they specialize in.  We Micromanage our employees so we can help them excel in their work performance.


Our Technicians have the skills and the tools to fix almost any hardware problem.


Our goal is to put out the highest quality service and customer service.


We garantee all of our work so that you can rest assured if the problem comes back we will look at it for no charge.

Our statistics so far

  • 1000+ Happy Customers
  • 52426 Blocked Viruses
  • 8210 Blocked Malware

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