The Problem with Unlimited Web Hosting Space

Are you a Web Developer, Site Designer or Managed Service Provider?  Do you need a host a lot of websites and on the cheap?  So if you answered YES to any of these questions then this is the article for you.  I’ve been hosting Websites for 15+ years.  I know how these things work.

If you have searched for Web hosting or WordPress hosting you’ve all seen the “Unlimited SSD Storage” or Unlimited Storage spiel.  I call it a spiel because it’s not true.  For one thing if you happen to use too much storage space they’ll can you.  It’s written in their 100 page contract.  It’s considered abuse.

If you find a host that offers unlimited storage and “unlimited add on domains” then your golden.  You can host all your clients sites on that one account for $3.99 per month (maybe you’re paying $10.99 if your dumb…).  right?  WRONG!

What will happen is you’ll do the one click install for WordPress from Cpanel and your first site is great!  Now you get to your 2nd website, click the one click install and BAM, ZAP, FAIL, RETRY!!!!  You’ve ran out of Inodes!.


WHAT THE HELL IS  AN INODE?  Well they never tell you what an Inode is when you buy your account but all Cpanel sites are limited to a certain number of Inodes.   Here is the definition of Inodes.

An inode is a data structure used to keep information about a file on your hosting account. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders you have. This includes everything on your account, emails, files, folders, anything you store on the server.

Cpanels are usually set for about 100K to 250K inodes per account.  No matter how much space you are given.  So in actuality your account is limited.  If your hosting your customers emails those take up a GRIP of inodes.

What is the solution?  Micro hosting sites.  See if you have unlimited space or 2GB of space they all have the same Inode Limit.  I thought I was going to be slick and host tons of sites on one account but boom, I was shut down quick.  Inode limit reached.   You can’t buy more inodes because it slows down the servers.

So what I do now is I grab a 2GB Micro Hosting site for $3 and I run my clients WordPress sites on there.  98% of the sites my customers user is like 200MB.  Then I get them to use a professional email account on Office 365 or Google Apps.

Grab your micro site here for $3 / month:

As I need new sites I just buy another micro-site.



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