Virus Protection

Viruses will infiltrate your computer or servers in a matter of minutes of using it online.  Viruses and Malware come in through the web, email, applications and computer worms.  If your systems are not protected by a “Managed” Antivirus System  you are playing with fire.  We’ve seen systems hit with Cryptolocker and Email Bots that destroy companies within minutes.

What is a Managed Antivirus?

We only sell a “Managed Antivirus System”.  What that is is an antivirus system that is remotely managed by our company.  It uses a cloud backend so we can see what viruses are attacking your computer.  We can then re-mediate problems from our servers and keep your computers protected.  These antivirus don’t expire so  you don’t have to worry about subscriptions and trials stopping without your knowledge.

More than just Antivirus

Our Antivirus System protects againts viruses, malware, cryptolocker and any other type of threats.  It also keeps your computer up to date by patching all software and can encrypt your data

Optional feature is to block porn and malicious sites.  Our Antivirus can keep your children safe from going to adult sites and other malicious websites.

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