Ryan C. Smith was the Program Manager and Technical Advisor. He designed the hardware infrastructure in Visio and created phases to complete the project.

The project on hand was to upgrade all switches, create powerful Vmware servers running Vsphere using High Availability fail over. Virtualize all servers and decommission physical machines. Servers would be upgraded from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008.

The Exchange Server was also virtualized and hundreds of users were migrated to the new system. We setup https over rpc so any remote user could open Outlook and get their emails without vpn.

Mark Sprague was the Lead Architect putting the servers in place, installing software and upgrading servers such as Exchange Server. Ryan C. Smith would remote in and help install and configure systems as well. Mark was a very valuable asset to the team.

Torre Prodanetti was our product and licensing specialist at CDW. He helped us purchase hundreds and thousand of dollars of high end equipment and gave stellar support when needed.