Upper Management had hired an outside consultant to do the Office 365 Upgrade. Somehow he had blown up the Exchange server and ruined the Active Directory at the company. Nobody could log in and email was destroyed. This cost the company millions of dollars.

I had just started at the company and my first order of business was to fix the broken backups. I had started the Exchange Server job the night before and this needed to run for at least 36 hours to backup all the massive Exchange Data-stores.

He and the IT director at that time were fired.

I had brought on Michael Sanchez and he became the new IT director. Markus, Michael and I were tasked with trying to get everyone back up in running. We spent hundred of hours working day and night fixing the domain functionality, exporting and Importing PST files from Exchange Data-stores, recreating mail accounts on Office 365. Scott Marshall was doing the upgrades for the desktops make sure everyone was getting converted correctly. We had to recreate all the distribution groups, calendars etc.

It was a massive job and everyone was stellar in their performance to get the company back up and running.