How safe is your vital information?

What if your data was stolen?
Or if confidential information
was passed on to your
competitors? Even if you
have security measures in
place you could still become
the victim of a data breach,
costing you time and money.

Managed Security helps to protect your systems, minimize data theft and safeguard your business by:

■ Monitoring security
of your systems
■ Analyzing risks and threats
■ Producing regular reports
■ Running anti-virus software
■ Protecting your email
■ Offering consultancy support & advice
■ Developing guidance and policies
■ Testing your systems against hacking

We take away the worry of data theft, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business and increasing your revenues.

Managed Security consists of these three services.

  • Anti-virus
  • Systems scanning
  • Early warning signs of threats
  • Email protection
  • Malware prevention 
  • Software Security Updates
  • Audits and strategic advice
  • Guidance and policy
  • Security improvements


We will monitor your systems, administer your protection and help plan your strategic approach to data security 24/7.

Systems monitoring takes a comprehensive look at your current systems and spots any threats – fast. Next, administration lets us manage all your security measures and keeps them up to date. And
for total protection, our strategic consultancy services work with you in partnership to maximize the protection of your data.

What does it cover?

■ IT systems security
■ PC and laptop protection
■ Email security
■ Hacking

■ Malware prevention
■ Data confidentiality
■ Policies & guidance

What can you expect from each service?

System Monitoring Functions

  • Checks anti-virus measures
  • Monitors threats and security incidents
  • Scans systems
  • Produces regular reports

System monitoring benefits

  • Highlights issues and
    threats early on
  • Builds up a picture of
    systems’ security
  • Step towards making
    your data more secure

Administration Services

  • Malware protection
  • Email security
  • Security updates
  • Testing
  • Produces regular reports

Administration Benefits

  • Keeps data accessible and safe
  • Provides the latest protection
  • Removes the stress of data attacks
  • Frees up valuable IT resources

Consulting Services

  • Strategic advice
  • Hack testing
  • Guidance and policies
  • Produces regular
    audits, reports and

Consulting Benefits

  • Complete peace of mind about data security
  • Comprehensive testing of defense systems
  • Action plan to build up protection
  • Unified company wide approach to data protection

How does it work?

Protecting your systems is easy. Send our Managed Security team a message below and we’ll ensure your data is secure in no time.

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