Linux Support

Need Linux Tech Support?

Need Linux Tech Support?  We can help with almost any problem such as working on Apache or helping to get a downed system to boot up.  Adding more storage or setting permissions etc.

Our rate is $175 / hour.  Call, chat or email us today.

Call us at 925-218-4000.

Some Linux Tech Support Services Include:

Setup Apache Web Server, PHP, Mysql
Nagios Administrator
Create / Modified shell scripts / PHP Scripts, Perl, Etc.
Troubleshoot existing PHP/ HTML scripts
Create cron jobs
Setup SSL across multiple servers including both Linux and IIS servers
Clean up Apache conf files
Created new websites for Apache
Setup new users
Postfix / sendmail troubleshooting
Install programs


We are master of Linux. We know Apache, Mysql, NFS, you name it we know it. We live and breathe Linux.

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