There is one thing that we love to do and that is give back.  Ryan makes it a priority every time we can earn enough money to to give back to the less fortunate communities.  It’s sad to know that some schools can’t even afford an Ipad for their classrooms.  His favorite place to donate is at  Here are the latest donations you can read about.

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Mrs. Oliveras posted an update and shared photos


This letter is just a small token of my gratitude for your generous donation to my classroom. The Stem Bundle, Meet the Common Core Math Standards Learning Center, Little Math Readers, Letter Builders, and the Giant Sand Timer The that you donated, have helped my students to meet their science, math, and reading standards. These wonderful learning sets are making it possible for my students to be learning academics in a fun hands-on manner. Independent learning is a breeze. The centers are specially designed for independent exploration and have everything children need to build beginning science and math skills. My students work at their own pace! Each center is designed for small groups of up to 4 children to work at once. They are gaining geometry and engineering skills with these wonderful STEM building centers. We have used these wonderful learning centers everyday since we have received them. The students were so excited when they came out of the boxes. They broke into groups of three and work together beautifully using these learning centers in each of their small groups. I go around to each student in their groups to make sure they are mastering their science or math standard that they are working on at the time. These learning centers are used by everyone of my students, and have given them the opportunity to learn their academics through play, which is the best way young children learn.

The math readers are insuring literacy for all my students, we read a couple of them each day. They get lots of practice reading the kindergarten sight-words in context, they have already learned a lot more of their sight-words and math concepts since the books have arrived. It will not be long until my students have mastered all the kindergarten sight-words from reading these fun little math stories that you have donated to us!

Our school is currently facing a budget shortfall, so without your help, my students would never of had these vital resources.

Without donors like you, thousands of classrooms in the United States would go without.

Mrs. Oliveras

With gratitude,
Mrs. Oliveras