Computer Support

Computer Support $49.99

If you’re experiencing computer problems or just need help getting setting things up, then this is the option for you. Our Techs will fix almost any problem in house or remote.  Our cost is $99 for a house visit or $49.99 via remote control.  Schedule your service today.

Printer Support $99

Printers can be frustrating to setup.  Especially wireless printers.  We can either assist you over the phone and remote into your PC to set it up or make a house call to set it up.  Please note that not all printers work on wireless phones.  House call is $99 and remote session is $39.99

Antivirus Removal and 1 Year Subscription $24.99

Viruses are rampant these days.  How do you know if someone is spying on your data?  Or mass emailing people using your computer?  We setup a Managed Anti Virus where we can monitor your computer from our Head Quarters for any suspicious activity.  We have this system installed on thousands of corporate computers.  Installation and One Year subscription is $39.99 $24.99 and then each additional year is $39.99 $24.99. We guarantee you will not get a virus or we will fix it.

SSD Drive Upgrade $129.99

Need more storage on your computer?  We will install and upgrade your computer for you.  Then we will install our licensed version of PC Booster to make it even ultra faster.  Speeds up your computer up to 200-300 times.

Wifi Setup $99

We will setup and secure your wireless internet, also known as Wifi.  We will also setup up to 5 devices to connect to it.

New Computer Setup $129

Did you get a new computer and need your programs re-installed and your data setup?   Need your email profile setup again?  Printers Configured?  We will setup your new PC for you.

Ryan is a stellar IT Desktop support. We worked together in Cirrus Logic. He was very diligent, very personable, and helped our team with so many IT issues. I highly recommend him in any position he desires.

Bernadette Smith
Cirrus Logic

Ryan was an excellent System Admin and would love to hire him anytime. There are very few people like Ryan out there who have all the technology skills as well as the Customer Service skills. I would not only endorse Ryan, but would hire him any day.

Harry Sarewari

Ryan is the to go to person if you need any networking help. Ryan is very patient and thorough. He takes pride in his work and always does a good job for anyone. He is knowledgeable and is good people!


It was because Ryan is so good at his job that, based solely on his recommendation, he got me my first job.

Michael Sneering

I worked with Ryan at Land Home Financial. He is a great guy with a great personality. Ryan was able to show me some really great tips and tricks with regards to website editing, PC configuration, and much more. Hes an excellent team player who goes out of his way to help those around him.

Daniel Skarpness
Land Home Financial

Ryan was one of my first “new” hires into a chaotic pressure cooker called Healtheon/WebMD. We were growing at a phenom rate and I needed a first rate, top of the line “go to” sysadmin. Ryan was that man. His technical skills and personality put him at the top of my list. His knowledge of technology and dedication to high quality work are traits everyone could use. Ryan is highly dependable and goes the extra mile. Yes, I’d hire him again!

Thomas Pineda

Ryan is a detailed-oriented, personable, hard working go getter.
He does not back down from challenging work. He is
successful in what he does as he puts his heart into it. I would
recommend him for any support or leading role. I would have
him on my team, no question.

Robert Akins

Ryan worked under my direct supervision at MicroAge. Ryan is very pleasant, skillful and sincere engineer. He is very eager to develop new skills. I found Ryan very productive in any assignment. His analytical skills are excellent and work ethics to be proud of. I would recommend Ryan wholeheartedly.

Mohan Ajmani
Micro Age

Ryan was a great addition to our support team. He was someone we could rely on to take care of the end user needs. He was very patient and professional and contributed to the group. It was a true pleasure to work with Ryan.

Manjit Hundle

Ryan Smith is very detail oriented, cooperative and having can do attitude individual. He performs his duty by always smiling on his face. Anyone can enjoy working with him.

Inderpal Nahal
Cirrus Logic

Ryan is a very talented and friendly guy, always happy to help and assist folks whenever needed. Ryan was always a pleasure to work with. Ryan always went out of his way to resolve issues, even if the issue required additional research to resolve. I learned a lot working alongside Ryan and hope that someday in the future we will work together again.

Stephen Latour

I met Ryan when I was working at Sony Electronics. He has great personality, friendly and very professional. Although we did not work in the same department directly, my friend worked closely with Ryan. She said, “she enjoyed working with Ryan because he is hard-worker and a team-player. He has strong analytical problem solving skills.” I personally noticed that he worked long hours when he anticipate problems and troubleshoot them. I commend him for his hard work and dedication.

Grace Sherbarth
Sony Electronics

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan, shoulder to shoulder on the front line of many long nights and network outages. Ryan is quick on his feet and will always be the first to spring to action to fix an issue. He is a problem solver, hard worker and I highly recommend him for all and any I.T. issues.

Henry Gray

It has been a great pleasure of mine to work with Ryan and his team over at Bay Area Beverage Company over the course of the year. Ryan is very technical and knowledgable in the IT industry. As an IT sales consultant, Ryan has provided me with knowledge and information of the industry as a whole. He is always on top of things, and provides his company with great expertise and service. I enjoy working with Ryan and would recommend his services to any company out there! Keep up the great work Ryan!

Torre Prodanetti

Ryan is an outstanding engineer. He is very professional, I would have no problem letting him lead any project. Great work ethic and the type of engineer that is very hard to come by. I know because I am the former Director of technical operations at eTrade and Consulting Practice Manager at Siemens in Pleasanton CA. I have no doubt that we will be utilizing Ryan’s considerable knowledge for projects in the future.

Mark Sprague
Office Perfect

Ryan is an excellent Unix Systems Administrator who we use as an IT consultant at Intrax. He works with our Ubuntu servers in our VMware and AWS environments. He has assisted us in resolving critical issues such as file permission issues on our SAN’s which were causing our distributed applications to fail. Ryan is always available to help with critical operational problems. I highly recommend Ryan and look forward to working with him again.

Dan Wolf

During the years of my ownership of Speed Hawaii, Ryan was a vital contributor in regards to support and friendship in leading the world in online content for the automotive performance scene coverage. Ryan’s leadership and genius brought together a world wide network that quite frankly I haven’t seen since. His technological know-how and passion was evident in every step. His advice in server set-up and management was instrumental in grabbing the reigns of a exploding viewer base. There are people in life that you are eternally grateful to have met and worked alongside and Mr. Smith is one of those individuals. I wish him the very best in his current and future endeavors.

Steven Smith

Ryan is a strong focused professional, putting all his energy and high skills in to projects. I very much enjoyed working with Ryan. Positive, helpful, creative with a very detailed view on resolving problems and very well serving the customers and end users. If you are ever look for a passionate engineer that loves what he’s doing and is really able to combine this with deep technical knowledge, Ryan is your man. Thanks a lot Ryan, looking forward working with you.

Markus Pfeifer
Network Fabrik

Ryan was great to work with at Direct Flow Medical. He was always reachable, knowledgeable and helpful. He has an enterprising, entrepreneurial spirit. He is passionate about leveraging open source technologies to create robust, creative solutions to create value for the enterprises he supports.

Tyler Lemmer
Direct Flow Medical

Ryan was professtional and very

Ryan was professtional and very helpful. I thought I was scammed by another company and he was very kind.

coleen thigpen
not a company

Ryan rocks!

Ryan hosts several websites for me and has provided amazing support! He responds quickly when there is any sort of issue, and if I break my website he always seems to be able to fix it. He’s had to step in on a couple of occasions and he is a whiz at WordPress. I’ve used the larger hosting companies and would never go back. When people ask for a host I always send them to Ryan.

Leslie LaskinReese

Ryan has always been there

Ryan has always been there when I ve had a problem.

Buck Tomlinson

Family Business with Personal Service

I gotta say Ryan takes care of us like no other host can or will. I love supporting small businesses because they actually care about us. We’re not just a number, we’re an extension of their family. Anytime I have a question Ryan is there to help me through the problem or just takes it upon himself to correct it even though it’s not his obligation. Going out of your way to please your clients is what will always win my patronage. I’d rather pay more money to someone I can depend on versus less money to some Enterprise level company. Fortunately that’s not the case. I get my cake and eat it too with Ryan. I pay less money and get 10x the service. I can’t thank you enough for taking care of our multiple websites Ryan. – Rishie G.

Rishie Garg

Fantastic service!!

Ryan helped me with everything all the way down to helping me with making my website. Whenever I have a question about anything he is quick to answer which is one of the most important things to me. Thank you!

Greatest service at a reasonable price!

Had my hardrive blowup on my laptop and Ryan was able to restore it and make it faster and more efficient than when I first bought it.


I’ve used #1 Tech Support to clear up computer problems and they have been very helpful.  It’s neat that they can get in and control my computer  to fix problems in a timely fashion right over the internet.  It’s very fast and easy.  I highly recommend #1 Tech Support for your computer problems!


#1 Tech Support logged onto my computer from long distance, went through the files and removed a virus without even coming to the house. It was remote control, easy for me and my computer is up and running again.
Very reasonable.
Highly recommend them.
Very satisfied.


I have been using #1 Tech Support for years. They do my antivirus and anytime I have a problem they just remote in and fix the problem so fast. Ryan is one of the best!