Bad Things Happen To Those Who Wait – Why Antivirus is Important

We had built a server for a company, setup their network, installed Quickbooks and shared out their Quickbooks file.  We setup everything perfectly.  We told the client that they need to install a good Antivirus that we sell for a very low yearly price.  They said they wanted to hold off on the Antivirus product until later.

Most people think that since nobody accesses their server that it’s safe.  It’s not.  A few weeks later we get a call from the client that nobody can access Quickbooks.  We notice that we cannot access the Server.

We drive down there and we find that the system has been hit with a Cryptolocker / Ransonware.  What this means is all the files are encrypted and you have to pay the hackers an untraceable Bitcoin if you want your data back.

Not only is their data compromised but now their accounts are down too.  A week later and about $2,000 in new labor charges they are back up and running.  They now have a good antivirus in place.

Lesson learned, don’t hold off or get cheap with your data and your antivirus solution.  Talk to us and we’ll set you up with a great A/V for your home or office.  Currently we are using Bit Defender Gravity Zone.

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