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Apple and Mac Computer Support


Apple Mac Computer Support.  Do you need to fix your Apple Macintosh Computer?  We service any Apple or Mac, from slow computers to broken screens.  Our Apple Technicians are guru’s with any type of Apple product from I-phone to Mac Book Airs. We can fix them all.

macOS was originally named “Mac OS X” until 2012 and then “OS X” until 2016.  macOS is therefore the current Mac operating system, Officially succeeding the classic Mac OS in 2001.  Although the system was originally marketed as simply “version 10” of Mac OS.  It has a history that’s largely independent of the classic Mac OS. Therefore it is a Unix-based operating system built on NeXTSTEP.  Other technologies developed at NeXT from the late 1980s until early 1997, when Apple purchased the company and its CEO Steve Jobs returned to Apple.  Precursors to the original release of Mac OS X include OpenStep, Apple’s Rhapsody project, and the Mac OS X Public Beta.  macOS makes use of the BSD codebase and the XNU kernel.  Its core set of components is based upon Apple’s open source Darwin operating system.

Apple Mac Computer Support

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